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We are a small team with big creative ideas who are passionate about web design and development, mobile technologies, digital marketing and workflow automation

The Small Business Geeks was created after listening to too many stories from Small to Medium sized business owners talk about how they have been let down online, didn’t understand technology, sick and tired of doing paperwork and bookwork at the end of an 60-80 hour week, and wanted someone else to just “do” or “look after” their online life for them.

How many times do you get spam email and even phone calls from those unscrupulous, lousy English writing so-called search engine experts? Many organizations claim they can get you first page Google rankings and heaps of traffic coming to your website and the best website design. Is there anyone you can trust anymore?

Most business owners we speak to say their biggest challenge is (after getting a website) that they need more paying customers, need help with online marketing, and want to understand how social media affects their business.

They went on to explain that they used to be able to rely on Yellow Pages ads, a few other print ads and word of mouth marketing and they were doing great. Next thing they knew, their business resembled a ghost town … What should they do now with this depressed economy and new customer search habits?

Online marketing, website design, search engine optimisation and social media are overwhelming, technical, complicated and continuously changing. Where should you start? What’s the best thing to spend money on?

We want to help business owners with affordable, effective websites and online marketing services that help them be more profitable.

We love technology. It’s our best friend.

We eat it up for breakfast and spit out a well oiled website (and online presence) that works for you. We provide fully tested, practical sites, automated so you do less and technology does more by doing the hard work. Not only do we create websites, we also do mobile sites, application integrations with other websites or custom applications, fix your technical issues and more. Spammed accounts, hosting issues, mobile responsiveness, broken sites, html and css customisation etc. If its technical, we will look after it.

Meet Our Team

Merrin Munroe


The face of the company. Not as shy as the others. Spent the last 10 years working for a company that provided broadcast graphics and results systems for live sporting events. Had various roles such as graphics operator, designer, software tester, QA manager, help desk, operations manager and manual writer. The role was very technical from setting up graphics hardware at sporting venues around the work, to liaising between developers and clients, and ensuring that all workflows were as automated as possible.


Preferring to stay in the background he is rarely seen. Do you need a programmer / developer / application specialist to create that idea you have? Our technical geek has skills that will astound you. If he wasn’t such a good guy, he would be a black hat specialist. With over 20 years commercial experience in application development on multiple platforms, he can provide the technical solution you need. He is a master of the technical alphabet soup: JavaScript, jQuery, .NET, HTML, SQL, CMS, PHP, Windows, Linux, Joomla, WordPress and many more.


You need someone who lives and breathes design, and that person is Emmy. She has a keen eye and an amazing talent in design. Branding, logos, flyers, set dressing, trade fair concepts.. you name it the list goes on. She as 20 years experience in design and you would recognise some of her work around the Peninsula.

SEO Geek

When you need to rank for keywords, our SEO Geek is there to do the hard yards for you. Anthony specialises in SEO and Google Ads. He lives and breathes stats and technical info. So when you need someone to get in and get your site ranking, he’s your man.


If you want to increase your visibility this year, then you need video. Good video. Done by an expert who has an eye for detail and is good at storytelling. Logan has recently come on board to do this for us. And you. We all have stories, and they need someone to make them shine.

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